April 24th

I woke up this morning with the worst pain in my hip that told me today wasn’t gonna b a day for squatting. Sometimes you have to let your body dictate your training and listen to what your body is telling you. There is no reason to push thru a workout and end up pulling  a hamstring that is going to take you away from lifting for 6 weeks. Building strength is all about staying consistent over time and then great things will happen.
Workout 1:
Roll out and mobility drills
2 min stations
Sandbag carry uphill, burpee broad jumps, baby atlas stone over barrier, 42″ tire hop overs, sledge hammers, high pulls, tire carries, tire tosses, tire flips and battle ropes.
Without 2
T. Bar deads 4×3@415, 1×5@415
The GHD was missing today so glute ham raises weren’t an option and there is no leg curl machine so I just did some waiter walks, ab wheel roll outs and oblique work for 40 mins to finish my workout.



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