After Memorial Day Murph, everything seemed impossible. Even walking up and down the stairs and sitting on the toilet.So, seeing that we had the deadly 21-15-9 sequence with power cleans today was a little bit daunting. For some reason, Coach kept calling it a “nice deload wod”… yeah, definitely didn’t feel that way! Let’s walk through my Tuesday:

6am: woke up. Immediately checked my phone for today’s workout…21-15-9 power clean/toes to bar. Damn!

6:30: Drink 2 and a half cups of black coffee.

7:00: arrive at the den, greeted by my coach yelling at people to stop being pussies.

Today’s Strength Wod:

POWER CLEAN— 2-2-2-1-1-1

I did 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160


Today’s Wod:


power clean (I used 110 lbs)

toes to bar

After the wod, I did a little 5-5-3-3-1-1 of strict press, 2-2-2 push press, and 2-2-2 split jerks. My shoulders are still sore from doing 200 pushups. After this I messed around with handstand holds and handstand pushups.

Then for a good 20 minutes I worked on double unders. If i don’t practice them every day or every other day, I literally lose my ability to do them. It’s not like riding a bike for me. I went from being able to do 25 double unders to struggling with doing even 10 today. Everyone has to experience failure if they want to experience success….


I think I need to care less. Considering I am never going to compete in any sort of powerlifting/olympic lifting/crossfit, I need to find some way to get less frustrated about things as little as not being able to do double unders. It’s hard to tell yourself that patience is a virtue when you’re just an impatient person!

If you want to see some magic, watch videos of Natalie Burgener. She’s a frickin beast and has the most perfect form and makes everything look like warm up weight. Don’t you just hate people like that?! 😉



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