First of all…. I’d love to start us all off with this:


Blackhawks won in OT!!!!!!!!!! After a complete and total bullshit call…KARMA COMES BACK! SEABROOK BABY!!!!!!!!!!! After a rough playoff series, I guess we can say he redeemed himself last night.

Yesterday’s wod:

3 rounds for time:

20 wall balls, 20 burpees, 20 KB swings

Nothing too fancy shmancy, just nice and straight forward. Okay, so it wasn’t very nice… my shoulders ¬†were burning like crazy!

For strength we did 3 sets of the following:

Push press x5

Push jerk x 3

Split jerk x 1

Worked up to a 145 split jerk. I’m keeping my weights lighter than I usually would for a 1RM because I feel really beat up, tired, and overall weaker these days.


On to today! I walked in and saw that we were back squatting. My hips have been so incredibly tight and hurt every single time I hit parallel that I wasn’t especially looking forward to squatting. We did a quick and dirty 3×5. I worked up to 170 pounds, which hurt and felt really hard. Today’s wod was a fun one:

12 Minute AMRAP:

1 thruster, 1 bar hop

2 thrusters, 2 bar hops

3 thrusters, 3 bar hops……etc

I got 15 rounds.

After this, I went in back to do a little more leg work, pullup work, and of course…muscle up work. I did some front rack walking lunges with 115 pounds, some 75 pound overhead walking lunges, and messed around with overhead squats and snatches. As for pullups, I did about a million sets of neutral grip, wide grip, and ring pullups. I wore a weight vest with 25 pounds added the entire time.

Then came the rings….the dreaded rings. Recently I tried doing a muscle up after not practicing them for 2 weeks and couldn’t even get one. And I literally tried probably 12 different times and just couldn’t do it. So I’ve decided that I’m going back to square one… muscle up PROGRESSIONS, which I completely skipped over when first learning the muscle up. The hardest part for me in muscle ups is the transition. I tend to overthink everything and I grab onto the rings with my mind already racing. I almost never remember to throw my head forward because I’m too busy thinking about what I do with my arms and how violently to thrust my hips. I hate things that are so technical! By the end of summer, hopefully I’ll be able to do one on command and string muscle ups together. Today I just did a few sets of chin/chest to rings and then belly button to rings. Belly button to rings is frickin hard!


So, I will do these progressions every single day until those belly button to bar seem easy. Because once you have that down, it’s just a matter of sitting up as fast as you can!

Also I made these really delicious nachos using all kinds of fun healthy things. Lately I’ve been craving sandwiches and chips. Is there any better/more simple meal than that? I miss bread, I miss chips. So I went on a hunt and found these fabulous chips made out of dried sweet potatoes, oils, and spices. They super thick and hearty and salty and good!


just chop up and cook some bacon, chorizo, and onions. I also used a peeler to make long “noodle” zucchini strips. I cooked these in the bacon/chorizo fat in an attempt to “caramelize them”. I threw this big yummy mess on top of about 10 chips and a little sprinkle of mozzarella cheese and bam! How fast, easy, and GOOD!


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