This week—and especially today—has been the day of the CLEAN! I can’t even tell you how many cleans I’ve done this week… it’s definitely up there in the 300s. It’s something that is so technical (and what my coach thinks is actually harder to teach than the snatch) and can’t be corrected without practicing it over and over until you basically know where your body is in space.


We started off today working up to a heavy 1RM for squat cleans. I worked up to 150. My absolute favorite aspect of the clean is the light-speed drop down into the catch at the bottom. Unlike the snatch, I am very comfortable with dropping under that weight. After this, we did an 8 minute EMOM—3 squat snatches at a weight that basically you could maintain. I used 135 for the first 3 minutes but it  got too heavy for me to be able to do 3 every minute. I switched to 125 which was a perfect, challenging weight.

And, here comes the worst part: we did open workout 13.4. Words can’t express my hatred for this workout.  Clean and jerks have never been my strong point and they are CENTRAL to this workout! Let’s write out the wod so you could get a feel for it:

7 Minute AMRAP:

3 clean and jerk (135/95)

3 toes to bar

6 clean and jerk

6 toes to bar

9 clean and jerk

9 toes to bar

etc…. it’s a ladder in which the number increases by 3 after every round.


I’ve learned how to efficiently do toes to bar. Would I say I’m a master of them? No. BUT, it took doing hundreds and hundreds of them to get the kip down and make sure you don’t generate too much momentum. The clean and jerks sucked. First of all, the RX weight is heavy. I don’t care who you are, how strong you are…. once you get to the round of 12 clean and jerks+12 toes to bar, you already feel beyond fatigued. I’ve tried to approach this workout many times… 6 to be exact… and my score has gotten lower each time. I’ve psyched myself out and clearly my different approaches haven’t been successful. That being said, here’s my new approach: get stronger at all overhead work  to make moving that weight suck just a little bit less.

After this, I stayed around the box and worked on random things as I do after every class. I’ve been getting a whole lot of, “so do you sleep here too?” “when are you not here?” I have a few answers to that question. Firstly, I’m a noob. I don’t consider myself a crossfitter. I consider myself someone who likes to do crossfit but still has frickin mountains to move. So, that is one of the reasons I’m in the gym about 18-20 hours a week… you can’t just practice for 5 minutes once a week and call it a day. Second of all, I just absolutely love it. Sometimes, when you really like something, you want to be surrounded by it. You want to live it and breathe it and truly becomes a chunk of you. I wake up everyday excited to spend half of my day at the box and I get sad when it’s time to leave. I love being surrounded by people who work their asses off. I love being surrounded by sweaty people after a tough wod. It has actually become hard for me to not bring up crossfit in conversation. If you want to do something, then get the fuck after it. Don’t underestimate how much time and effort goes into it and embrace the suck!!!!!!!!!!!!



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