I did 255, 265, 270. I tried for 275 but could barely pull for one, so I left it at 270! Especially since we had a pretty tough wod directly after!


10 sumo deadlift high pull (115/80)

10 front rack step ups (5 each leg, alternating) (using same bar as SDHP)

10 ring dips

30 double unders


I can’t explain how grateful I am that I have been practicing the crap out of double unders. Had I not practiced, my time would have been SIGNIFICANTLY slower… I saw some people struggling today with what should be the part of the wod where you can catch your breath (the dubs). I finally felt like everything was making sense and I have found my rhythm! I hit an all time high today… 36 double unders! For the first 3 rounds of this wod, I did my dubs unbroken. My last round, I did 18 and then the final 12. I was shocked at how hard the ring dips were for me… these are something that I have also been putting an extra focus on and just a couple weeks ago they didn’t give me any problems. Today, however, I had trouble even putting together 4 of them after the first round! More practice!

After today’s wod, I felt like working on rope climbs. I did 2 regular rope climbs, then 2 using only arms (those were tough!) and then 2 using only legs (hahaha!! just kidding!!!). After taking a short breather and becoming comfortable with the rope, I decided to throw on a 35# weight vest and come up with a short little wod.

3 rounds:

2 rope climbs

5 front squats (75#)

10 pushups

200 m SPRINT


This wasn’t for time, it was more to learn efficiency on the rope and to get used to running… because I have come to DESPISE running.


Here’s what I will say for people who have trouble with rope climbs:

First and foremost,1) DON’T SPEND TIME STARING AT THE ROPE. Staring at the rope will not get you up there. Jump, grab, and go.

2) Bring your feet as close to your hands as possible. After you jump and make your very first grab, don’t just pinch your feet at the bottom. Try to bring your feet close to your hands so that once you have “anchored” the rope with your feet, all you really have to do is inchworm your way up. This will save your arms and energy and help you out in the long run!

3) Make BIG pulls. I know that as fatigue sets in, we inch our hands up there, one on top of the other. However, this takes THAT much longer, takes THAT much more energy, and makes you THAT much more tired. Feet up to the hands, big pulls!

Then I just did some random chest-to-bar pullups with the vest, practiced some more double unders, and called it a day. My coach’s birthday is tomorrow and we are all going to die. I have to keep in mind to PACE MYSELF! Don’t pay attention to what anyone else is doing… don’t come outta the gate guns hot!

Don't Blow Your WOD



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