Yes, you read that correctly. Today’s strength portion and wod were a shit storm of overhead work… which is a good thing, because I have always had very weak overhead/pressing strength. It was the DAY OF THE SNATCH!


Strength= SQUAT SNATCH-Take 20 minutes to establish a heavy single

My coach and I worked forever on correcting small aspects of my form and I threw on my friend’s olympic lifting shoes. Since I have been putting such a heavy focus on my olympic lifts, the snatch in particular, I felt AWESOME approaching these today. My problem before was that when the weight started getting heavy, I would get scared to drop straight under it because that much weight over my head made me uncomfortable. I felt confident, comfortable, and extremely quick today dropping under that shit!

Then Today’s wod:

20 power snatches (115/80)

20 handstand pushups

20 overhead squats (115/80)

20 toes to bar


Want to know the worst part of this wod? THE FRICKIN HANDSTAND PUSHUPS! I was actually getting extremely pissy during the wod because just about a week and a half ago I nailed 15 strict handstand pushups unbroken. Because I’ve been focusing on so many other things, I kind of neglected training handstand pushups and it really came back to bite me in the ass today. I had to do 5 at a time….it must have added a minute and a half to my time! I was a little bit (okay, A LOT bit) salty about that, but there is nothing I can do now except get back to working on handstand pushups.


After the wod, I stayed after to work on more snatches. My coach said that my main problem is not my form, strength, or anything physical….but rather, my EMOTIONAL STATE! To be honest, I couldn’t agree more. Of course I want to get stronger, but before any of that happens, I need to work on my mental strength. If I fail a rep, I get really mad. I let myself feel defeated and I’m always about ready to rip someone’s head off. My coach told me that I need to walk away, take a little “relax pill”, and completely shake it off. Approach the next rep like it is your first rep. I still got mad today after multiple failed attempts, but I wasn’t fuming like I typically am. There is no possible way to experience success if you don’t experience failure. In fact, you will probably experience far more failure than success. Did the Blackhawks stop playing when the Bruins were up by 2? No. Does a basketball player walk off the court if they don’t make a shot? Absolutely not. Does Rich Froning stop in the middle of a wod if he’s not in first place? NO!!!!!!!! Keep things in perspective. Mistakes and failures are inevitable. It’s not supposed to be easy.

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