I’m going to keep this really short and sweet because it’s 10:56 pm and I just got home from work about 10 minutes ago. After a long and challenging day of training, I went to work for 9 hours with no snacks… so I came home and had a nice little impromptu cheat meal. Pumpkin pie, cheez its, and a sandwich with huge thick ass french bread! I can already taste a snatch PR tomorrow!


Today’s strength: squat clean! I WAS FEELING IT TODAY!


I worked up to 155 today.

Today’s brutal ass wod:

2-4-6-8-10 clean and jerk (155/105)

20-18-16-14-12 box jump (24/20)

This workout was absolutely in my wheelhouse. Although I kind of hate clean and jerk, I loved the rep scheme for this wod… ladders are always a killer! Typically I’d take advantage of the box jumps and use them as a chance to catch my breath but not today! My lower back was on fire and I felt like I was jumping over a 7 foot fence. The Rx weights were HEAVY! Obviously cleaning/jerking 105 for sets of 2 or 3 isn’t all too difficult. But to use this weight for a wod is almost kind of unusual. The jerk got extremely heavy when I got to the round of 6 c&j. It hurt so good!

Then I practiced chest to bar and muscle ups. Overall it was a fabulous morning followed by a real shitty 9 hour shift at work! Can’t wait to ‘unwind’ at the den tomorrow! :)


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