BLACKHAWKS WON LAST NIGHT! ONE MORE GAME! ONE MORE GAME! I’m a little bit nervous for Toews… we can only hope he’s back on the ice on Monday! Even though he’s been playing kinda crappy in the playoffs, just his presence on the ice helps all of the other players. Seeing my blackhawks win the cup would probably be the highlight of this summer! And I guess the enormous parade downtown would be a nice perk…


Saturday always is squat clean day. Which is awesome… squat clean is my favorite! We did a little EMOM 8 minutes——2 squat cleans at 80% of your max. I used 135 today… wow that got heavy fast! I need to work on getting out of the hole faster… because once you’re stuck, YOU’RE FUCKED! Pardon my language… I just speak the truth.

Today’s WOD:

Round 1:

10 chest to bar, 20 overhead squat, 30 wall balls

Round 2:

8 chest to bar, 16 overhead squat, 24 wall balls

Round 3:

6 chest to bar, 12 overhead squat, 18 wall balls

Round 4:

4 chest to bar, 8 overhead squats, 12 wall balls

Round 5:

2 chest to bar, 4 overhead squats, 6 wall balls


The hardest part of this was the overhead squats. Rx weight: 95/65. Now, I don’t have a very strong overhead squat to begin with, so although 65 pounds is light, doing a million overhead squats with it for time isn’t as easy as it sounds. Gotta work on my overhead strength/ overhead squats to make this all a bit easier!

Here’s my AMAZING brunch that I devoured after I got home from that brutal wod: turkey pastrami, an egg, 3 slices danish bacon, cajun turkey, kerrygold swiss cheese. Instead of using lettuce or bread to wrap, I used another piece of turkey to wrap all those shenanigans together! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also not pictured is my 3 home made gluten free sugar cookies with a tablespoon (okay probably more than that) of almond butter on each one. I have a new favorite brand of almond butter: BARNEY’S! There’s sugar in it, but I don’t really care about that.


IMG_20130623_122237How cute is my kitty? Also, do you think I like cream in my coffee? Sheesh!


Have a wonderful Sunday people. Keep working hard and getting better!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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