It’s time for me to go on a rant here. Let’s start off with some awesome pictures of the beautiful cherry on top of an awesome season… the blackhawks parade.

1002289_10151764608769258_1181168128_n┬áCaptain Serious thrusting that shit in the air in front of 2 million fans… WOOOO!

And now this is where I’m going to be brutally honest.


Could there be any more truth to this? People on the radio were joking that if Derrick Rose had a broken wrist and torn MCL he’d be out for three years. Now, that is supposed to be an exaggeration… BUT, at the rate he’s going, it’s kind of accurate! Back to the whole “mentally healthy” thing… you obviously need to be in a solid mental state of mind before you feel like you can go out there and be a team player. Hockey players have always been some of the toughest men out there in professional sports… broken bones, torn muscles and ligaments, they don’t care! They’re on the ice and they have a team they have to play for. I find it absolutely UNREAL that players (not just one!) were playing with torn MCL’s and broken wrists… and took home the cup! Can you imagine how painful it must be to play with injuries like that? And, the players with the major injuries are the ones who played a shitload of minutes! It is sad and it full on pisses me off that these players are letting it all hang out while Derrick Rose, being fully healthy, sits on the sidelines. It is kind of pathetic, to be honest. Anyway….


Yesterday’s torture wod:

400m run

40 Sumo deadlift high pull (95/65)

400m run

40 push presses

400m run

40 back squats

400m run

200m overhead walk

Weirdly, the overhead walk was the hardest part of this wod. I knew that my shoulders would be pretty shot coming back from the runs so to save them for the overhead walk, during the squats, I didn’t hold the bar in a typical “back squat” fashion. I wrapped my arms over it and let them basically just hang there. I split up all of the 40’s into 15-15-10, which made it go by incredibly fast. I was shocked that I didn’t feel awful after each of the 40’s… it was the 400 meter runs that were the absolute worst!


After this we did some squat cleans and jerks. I just couldn’t get into my groove and I felt really weak. Nearly every heavy rep towards the end, I kept coming up onto my toes and I felt like I could barely hold the bar in a rack position. EMOMs are awesome and one of my favorite things to do, but missing a lift during all that sucks. It’s hard for me to shake it off, pick myself back up and wait until the next minute.


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