After an incredibly frustrating and rough day yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to read today’s wod. Lately I feel incredibly run down which has had a direct effect on my eating, my mood, and my strength. I’ve been eating like pure crap—-cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, you name it. I walked in to the den today and it was just me and coach.




Today’s shenanigans:



Worked to 165 and felt like I was getting a slight rounding in my back, so I stopped.



Power clean (155/110)

Wall ball (20/14)


I loved this with every ounce of love in my body. I love cleans… especially when they’re heavy and thrown into a wod! Before every wod starts, I obviously want to test out the weight to see how it feels and kind of gauge how I should approach my reps. I did 3 cleans with the 110 and for some strange reason…. it felt heavy! I decided not to think too much into it. 3,2,1 go and I did 12 cleans and then 9 cleans. The wall balls ended up being the most difficult part of the wod! My shoulders and arms still killed from yesterday’s torture and today reminded me that I need to take better care of myself.

HAVE FUN with your training. Keep it simple… but simple doesn’t mean EASY! Enjoy yourself, be proud of yourself, rest… and smile 😀


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