After taking about a week and a half break from back squatting, I was excited to learn that squats were first on the list today. Although I have been feeling a bit off these last few days (stomach aches, headaches, sore throat), I was confident I’d add weight to my last squat (205×3). At 185, I CAME UP ON MY TOES. WHAT THE HELL?! I was surprised, pissed, and yelled out “FU#K!!!!” On my way up. Coach of course brought me back down to earth, helped me calm down, and I nailed 205 x 3. Okay, I wouldn’t say nailed, because that felt awfully heavy today and I didn’t add 5 pounds like I’d hoped. Especially seeing some people adding 20 frixkin pounds was a huge kick to my ego.

Strength: squat


WOD: Skinny Angie

50 pull ups

50 pushups

50 sit ups

50 squats

Of course, the worst part were the pushups. The pullups have a lovely way of making your arms feel like limp, useless noodles in situations when you need them most. Coach has declared that we  suck at pushuos and has been programming them in nearly every wod.

After this I did some false grip pull ups on rings, chest to bar, and deloaded ring dips…in other words, you start your “dip” at the bottom and push yourself up out of the hole. Did about a million of these. Then I played around with snatch balances and snatches which kind of lightened my mood.

Today’s mentality wod: learn to become a blank slate. Life is all about things happening unplanned, things going the way they’re not supposed to, and shit coming up that is unexpected. What can you do besides embrace it and roll with it? Will staying pissed about missed lifts send you back in time to do the lift over again? Absolutely not. Will sulking about specific ¬†things act as magic fairy dust and make them better? Hell no! All you can do is be confident in the fact that you put in the work and you gave it your absolute best shot. Because knowing you did everything you could possibly do and put it all out there means far more than just simply moving up in weight.


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