Today we focused on none other than the power clean and of course had to end with a tweaked version of one of my favorite complexes: THE BEAR!


The traditional bear goes as follows, in one swift movement, without ever dropping the bar:

deadlift–>squat clean–>push press—>backsquat—>push press

It is insanely brutal even when using a pretty moderate weight… let alone using heavy weight, like we did today!


Power Clean
– 15 minute cap

** MET CON **

Five sets:
5 Power Cleans (155lbs/110lbs)
5 Front Squats
5 Push Jerks
– Rest 45 seconds between sets
For power cleans, I decided not to work up to a max. I’ve been feeling really rundown lately and definitely not my best, so I probably wouldn’t have PR’d anyway. I worked up to 170…the same as last week.
I did the 5 sets and then did 2 more sets with 125 pounds afterwards…. WOW! The push jerks seemed literally impossible after those front squats. My coach was standing right in my face telling me it was all mental, there’s only 5 jerks, and just get under that shit. However, I was unable to do all 5 unbroken and had to bail after 2 jerks. I’ve been getting really frustrated with myself for not being able to push past that mental barrier…. why do I keep dropping the bar?! There is no way of answering that question. All you can do is continue to suffer through workouts and gradually build a thicker skin.
a42a2aa6c7440291c38ba9adc5892a56_M The gauntlet crew!
Turkish Get-Up

– 12 minute cap

** MET CON **

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
100m Run
5 Ring Dips
10 Box Jumps
After the wod I worked on behind the neck jerks, which I just love! Something about split jerking makes you feel so cool….
Have Fun this week! Finish strong and treat yourself to some fro yo :)
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