Today was FUN and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL OUT! It’s been fall-ish weather here in Illinois…. perfect to get outside and throw some weight around!!


Press Complex
Three sets:
5 Push Presses
3 Push Jerks
1 Split Jerk

** MET CON **

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
10 Deck Squats
10 Ball Slams
I loved the complex but for some reason the weight felt insanely heavy today. The last few times we’ve done any sort of overhead pressing my numbers have either stayed the same or gone down… how frustrating is that? I’ve been feeling a pinching in my neck and my shoulders constantly hurt… take care of your shoulders guys! #mobilitywod #mobilitywod #mobilitywod
For the wod, I used a 20 pound ball. Instead of deck squats, I did deck pistols to make it more difficult. My low back was on FIRE during the last 5 minutes of the amrap which made the ball slams really suck.
Afterwards I did a bunch of handstand work because after watching the final event of the crossfit games, I remember how much I suck at handstands! 10,000 hour rule…. practice, practice, practice,and then practice more. Things won’t happen overnight….
And I also forgot to put in Saturday’s shenanigans:


Complete the following with a running clock…
In 5 minutes at each movement, then rotate:
(40s) work —> (20s) rest
1) Row (distance)
2) Ring Push-Ups
3) 10m Jingle Jangles (cone touches)
4) Thrusters (75lbs/55lbs)
5) Anchored AbMat Sit-Ups
– Rest 1 minute while transitioning to next movement
Super fun…the thrusters are obviously just all sorts of fun in a weird, weird way…..
Also can I just say really quick… is there anything Rich Froning can’t do? What a great athlete. 3peat…. can’t say I’m surprised!
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