Hello everyone! I have been doing some SERIOUS slacking on posting/taking pictures these days…. so we’re going to rewind and do a little catching up.. what have I been doing these last few days since the last time we talked?! Well……

On Thursday, we got into these recovery wod shenanigans:


Hang Power Snatch
3-2-1, 3-2-1

** MET CON **

Five rounds for time:
9 Kettlebell Swings (70lbs/53lbs)
7 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (135lbs/95lbs)
5 Strict Chin-Ups
Ziggy(the den loves animals!)
The sumo deadlift high pulls were effing heavy! I don’t think I’ve ever done that heavy of SDHP in a wod before, so it was different and it was spicy. However, trying to do anything after those SDHP seemed impossible…the chinups seemed way harder than they should have!
Then on Friday….


A1) Romanian Deadlift
    – Rest 30 seconds between
A2) Ring Dips
    – Rest 90 seconds between

** MET CON **

For time:
Wall Ball Shots
Double Unders
I absolutely loved this. I haven’t done RDL’s in ages and my hammies needed a good ass kicking! The wod was pretty awesome as well…. the wall balls seemed a lot easier than usual and the dubs felt great! Besides my achilles and calves tightening and hurting, this was a super fun and quick little burner.


For time:
400m Run
34 Pull-Ups
34 Clean & Jerks (135lbs/95lbs)
34 Toes to Bar
400m Front Rack Walk
e17c186eb9077cbeac8526f7738e2917_M Just a casual iguana checking out the den.
The first thing I thought of when reading this wod was, “holy shit. 34 clean and jerks…..thirty.four.clean and jerks. Shit!” Last time we did such high volume of clean and jerks was a few saturdays ago when coach decided it would be a fabulous idea to throw in Grace (30 clean and jerks) at the VERY END of the wod. However, although they were obviously rough, I felt good through all of them. It was the 400 m front rack walk that was so brutal I can’t even put it into words. I tried everything in the book… counting steps, getting to specific “landmarks”, breathing differently, holding the bar in the Genie fashion… and nothing made it suck any less. My mid back was on fire, my abs were on fire, and I had to drop that bar more times than I should have….UGH! It was a huge bucket of suck but also a huge bucket of fun. :)
And then, finally, TODAY’S FUN!
I worked up to 290, which was my previous 1RM. And got some blood on the bar, which just looks pretty cool. 😉
MET-CON-7 rounds for time:
10 push presses (115/80)
10 box jumps (24/20)
10 KB swings(I used 53 pounds)
The push presses felt lighter than usual today. I love wods like this, so I had a grand old time.
Then I worked on handstands, handstand pushups (strict and kipping), and randomly played with the hell machine, the aerodyne. My original plan was to do a little 10 minute, 30 on/30 off aerodyne sprints, but that lasted about 5 minutes before I threw in the towel. That thing sucks so good!
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