Today was so much fun, I can’t even put it into words! We had a little race action and it got intense over at the den!

13b5e0deaf19b06816d21e67ad4e211c_M the calm before the storm….


In heats of four, perform the following movements…
For time:
200m Run
20 Thrusters (95lbs/75lbs)
20 calorie Row
20 AbMat Sit-Ups
20 Pendlay Rows (95lbs/75lbs)
20 Wall Ball Shots (20lbs/14lbs)
– Best times for each heat advance to next round until ONE remains (male & female champion)
  Heats shall continue to run so all may complete three rounds MINIMUM
The worst part by far was the row. The thrusters are always challenging, but I love thrusters, so I knew they wouldn’t give me any issues. Yanking that rower after thrusters, though….UGH! My legs were on fire! Here’s what I’d have to say for anyone wanting to give this a shot…. after your first heat, which I’m assuming everything is done unbroken, you probably won’t be able to maintain that speed and intensity for the following heats (which were 2-3ish minutes apart). Every heat, I did the wall balls unbroken. Compared to the weight of the thruster, the ball feels like it’s just catapulted up there! Don’t get me wrong, the squat still kind of sucks, but dropping the ball is a great way to add a big chunk of seconds to your time.
When competing (whether that be in an official competition setting or just your daily wod with your class), it is very easy to focus too hard on what everyone else is doing. It is easy to watch what the “big dogs” do and want to mirror their every move; eat what they eat, train how they train, and perform how they perform. Beating someone and falling victim to the elusive time clock can take away what training, competition, and crossfit is all about. The most important thing to know is that you did absolutely everything you could do and left no stone unturned. You have NO possible way of controlling the speed, strength, etc. of other competitors… it’s basically you against you. No matter how you place, how quickly you finish, knowing that you gave that damn wod everything you had will always be success. :)

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