SUNDAY FUNDAY!!!!!!!! Coach Nick worked all sorts of cleaning action and finished off with some squats! Here is what we did:

5 sets: Clean+Clean&Jerk. So, drop into a full clean, stand it up, drop the bar, reset, drop into a full clean, stand it up, and jerk it! So much fun! My rest period in between each set was about 2ish minutes. We also used a split jerk, because I’ve been having issues with foot placement!

3×3 Clean Pull: I used 175 pounds for these and they felt NICE ON THE TRAPS! A couple weeks ago, I noticed that when I was cleaning heavy ass weight (near my 1RM), I was pulling too high and too early; my elbows were bending without allowing for a nice shrug. After working on these the past couple weeks and watching a video of myself today, I am pleasantly surprised and extremely pleased with my clean….. there was some pretty nice shrug porn!

3×5 Back squat: Back squatting lately has been giving me a lot of issues. Even with a light warm up set, my back is always ultra-arched and it looks like I am leaning too far forward. However, I don’t feel any sort of strain in my back or spine…nothing at all! Even going into an air squat, my back seems to naturally have a big arch/lean to it…I’d like to change this!

PhotoGrid_1376243336444┬áSince noticing a couple weeks ago my shrug wasn’t really there, I am extremely happy with this screen shot today. However, my jerk could use a little help… when weight gets heavy, I get nervous, and I pull my back foot forward by accident. The middle picture shows me beginning to bring my back foot forward (a no-no!). When weight starts getting heavier, bringing the wrong foot forward will cause some stabilization issues and will most likely result in the bar on the floor.

“I think the biggest and hardest change for me was learning to train less.”

This has become one of my biggest obstacles. You hear and see people putting in an insane amount of hours in the gym and think that you have to do the exact same thing. I feel that I have such an incredible amount to work on that I am in the gym way more than I should be… I would be lying if I said I was giving my body the proper time to recover. My rest days have been few and far between and it’s beginning to show in all of my lifts. My squat and overhead strength have decreased quite a bit, which is, for lack of a better word, SHITTY. I need to start to train smarter rather than harder, even though training hard is a bit of an addicting feeling. Listen to your body, find a balance, take care of yourself.. you’ll notice a difference!





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