First off, let’s start off with something completely un-training related…. I started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, and I have not moved from my futon for a solid 6 hours. This show is SO GOOD! Walter White is just a badass, and I think I want to adopt him as my second dad. Also, I think Skyler needs to die.


ON TO TODAY’S CRAZINESS! I’m going to be completely honest, as I am in all of my posts… today was not my cup of tea. Pair together gymnastics movements and some overhead stuff and you have officially created a day full of stuff that Kayla Perry hates. Like I said yesterday…. sometimes you just have to do things you hate.


-weighted ring rows (3×10 w/20# weighted vest, feet elevated on 20” box)

-banded transitions

-ring dips (3×10)

Even though I am able to do muscle ups, I can’t do them well. It’s important to keep on working on the progressions that are used to get your first muscle up because it helps a shitload with ‘muscle-memorizing’ the transitions and of course building up the strength. I am trying to rely less on a big kip, because it is after the big kip and into the transition that always throws me off. I can’t tell you how frustrated I get doing muscle ups. I hate them. I hate rings. I hate all of the things that must be kept in mind when performing muscle ups. Getting through today (and most likely HUNDREDS more days exactly like this) will hopefully lead to me feeling more comfortable on the rings and doing muscle ups as easily as I can do deadlifts, squats, or anything else that I love doing.


-free standing and against wall

Want to know what I’ve learned through learning handstands? They’re hard as hell and they sure as shit won’t happen overnight. Maybe won’t even happen over 30 nights. If you are anything like me and feel completely awkward and uncomfortable doing gymnastics movements, there’s one word you have to keep in mind…. PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8×5 strict press @60%

a) Strict Pullups 5×12

b) DB reverse flies 4×12


a) KB military press (each arm) 3×10

b) Weighted pushups (wearing 20# weighted vest) 3×12

TEMPO FUN! (This was my favorite part and a good ending to a somewhat hellish day…)


-Row 20 seconds (keep a 1:50-:1:52 pace)

-7 kipping pullups

-Row 20 seconds

-20 hollow rocks/ 20 abmat situps

The first 3 rounds I did hollow rocks and the last 3 rounds I did abmat situps.

Have fun, train hard, and get some sleep….because we’re overdosing on snatch tomorrow (ew?)



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