I can’t get over snatch jokes. I think they’re hilarious and awesome and there are just so many possibilities when it comes to the word “snatch”. Today had a fabulous emphasis on my snatch (muahaha), all from the hang!

PhotoGrid_1377115741344 (ignore the ‘play’ button… I am having issues uploading the video!)



4×4 @ 65%


4×4 @ 65%

I felt pretty good about these today. After learning that my hips weren’t as violent as they should be during my clean session on Monday, I made sure to pay extra attention to that today… AND leaning my torso farther forward. I felt like I was dropping at light speed under the bar, but after watching videos of myself, I am not as fast as I thought. Lighter weight is always harder for me to work with when it comes to being ultra quick. When the weight is heavier, you are kind of forced to drop beneath that shit as fast as humanly possible; you have to beat the bar to the catch position. Today, though, I found myself catching a bit above my normal catch position and riding the bar the rest of the way down. Which isn’t what’s supposed to happen! Something I also noticed was that because I was so focused on fully extending my hips, I was jumping backwards slightly… practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, PRACTICE! One day, this will hopefully feel more natural to me, because I am absolutely 100% not a natural weightlifter.


6×5 @ 60%

These were great for practicing speed out of the hole.

And, the final torture of today’s training….DEAD SQUATS!

8×1 @60%

I have never done dead squats before. To be quite honest, when I loaded the bar up and was getting ready to get under it, it intimidated me by how frickin’ low it was! With this, you’re starting at the bottom of your squat. As soon as I squatted underneath it and felt as if I was in my normal catch position for a full clean, I thought to myself, “holy shit, how am I going to drive this up?” As horrible as they were, they are a PERFECT way to practice getting out of the hole and working towards driving past your “sticking point”.

Train hard, work your weaknesses, and don’t forget to have fun.




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