It is Monday. I would be lying if I said I woke up excited to attack my day and my training… especially knowing what was in store for me! You know sometimes when you’re driving, and you arrive at where you’re going and you don’t remember getting there? You have no recollection of the drive, what music may have been playing, or what you were thinking… the entire drive was one big blackout. Yeah, well today felt like that. So let’s cut the crap and get to the real reason why you’re reading this…. MY TRAINING SESH!

I warmed up with a slow 1000m row…which felt difficult. And that’s when I thought to myself, “Shit. It’s going to be a toughie today.”


4×4 @ 60% (below knee)

4×4 @ 60% (mid thigh)

Despite feeling like a complete and total zombie, I was happy with my speed under the bar. Progress, woo!


8×3 @ 67.5%


6×1 @ 67.5%

I was supposed to finish up with 4×10 RDL’s, but I tweaked my back on Saturday and it just hurt too bad, so I decided to ditch these and attempt to mentally prepare myself for the grand finale…….


This goes without saying..Fran fucking blows. It’s the most lethal combination of movements and it leaves you so incredibly gassed that you just feel like a worthless sack of skin after completing it (unless you are one of those freak humans who is able to do it in 2 and a half minutes). I happen to not be one of those insane athletes who can complete Fran in that time, therefore I despise it. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve done Fran. Yes, my times have improved the couple times I’ve done it. Except for today.

After basically going through my entire workout unmotivated and in an incredibly negative mindset. After I was done with my dead squats, I knew what was coming. I sulked over to my bar and threw a 10 on each side and did a few thrusters to warm myself up to the motion. Felt fine, but I still wasn’t excited…in the slightest. The Fran I did today was not a 100% effort, and dealing with that is FAR worse than dealing with a less-than-ideal time. As the old saying goes, “Whether you think you can or you think you cant, you’re right.” That couldn’t be more true. Today was one of those days where I thought I couldn’t and it definitely showed. I will say it loud and not-so-proud….FRAN MADE ME HER BITCH!

Crossfit has a twisted way of exposing your weaknesses, often brutally and with no remorse. WODs aren’t meant to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. they’re meant to toughen your ass up and make you embrace how much they suck. I can honestly say that I have never been exposed to such a test of mental toughness as I have in the last few months of doing Crossfit. So what do you do? How do you pick yourself up after being slammed on your ass and say, “That’s okay. I’ll get ’em next time.” As if you didn’t already know, ¬†treating failure as just practice or a lesson is extremely difficult and it will most likely get in your head at some point or another. Today really got to me and if you want me to be completely honest here, I am really angry thinking about it and writing about it right now. So here’s what’s going to have to happen…

-Forget about it. It’s done, it’s over with, there is nothing left I could do except leave it behind me.

-Keep working on what I suck at. Avoiding our weaknesses is our scapegoat; it’s an easy way out and, being humans, it’s our way of steering clear of discomfort. How will your weaknesses ever get any better if they are constantly left to fall by the wayside? If you are willing to put in the work, energy, and time, you will see yourself beginning to progress and eventually your former handicap will be a newfound strength.

-PICK MY DAMN SELF UP AND SMILE!–Shit happens. Simple as that. Life doesn’t always go as planned and things won’t always turn out the way you hope. So stop thinking about why you can’t and start thinking about how you ¬†WILL.


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