HOLY SHIT GUYS! IT’S BEEN A LONG PAST WEEK! I hurt my shoulder/neck and could barely turn my head to either side so I was forced to take 4 days off last week…. which, let’s be honest, I definitely needed. I was starting to hurt everywhere and my lifts were looking pretty weak. SO, the 3 days that I did train this week, I did ALL LEGS. A lot of high volume back squats, front squats, pause squats, lunges… you catch my drift 😉

In better news, Bears won and Breaking Bad was on last night. WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS BITCHIN’ SHIRT?!

heisenbear-t-shirt-3.jpg Now this is fuckin’ cool!

Let’s talk about what I did yesterday on my first day back:

3 position snatch (floor, below knee, mid thigh) 60%, 65%, 70% x 4 sets

Snatch high pull 90% 3×2, 95% 3×2

Back squat 70% 5×5

Strict Press 70% 5×5

Press and back squat went well. My buttcheeks were burning as they should have been and although my hips were a tad tight I’m happy with how light the weight felt. Snatches, on the other hand… started off a little bit scary! After being ‘out of the game’ for a week and not having snatched for a week and a half, my speed was SNAIL’S PACE! I tried not to get frustrated and tell myself that it’s going to take more than one or two attempts to feel back to normal. My hips were half-ass firing and I just couldn’t seem to drop fast underneath that bar until the very end. What I am happy with, though…. I didn’t jump backward and remembered to jump my feet out! ALWAYS LOOK FOR A SILVER LINING! 😉

Yesterdays Met-Con was hard. When I wrote it I didn’t think it would be that bad; I wanted something that would just emphasize the strength portion of the day and that would be a nice little burner. Well, let me tell you.. it wasn’t a “nice little burner”… It was a wod from hell that made me burn everywhere!  GREAT SUCCESS!



10 power snatches (65#)

10 OHS

10 wall ball (14#)


I’ve been doing cash outs for every single met con and all my cash outs are dubs. Why, you ask? Well, when I went home for a weekend we did a wod that involved rowing max distance for 90 seconds and then immediately max dubs for 1 minute. For lack of a better word, my dubs SUCKED! I was tripping, my feet weren’t jumping high enough… I was a mess. So, since then, I have made it a point to practice dubs while completely exhausted… because, let’s be real here… when will you ever really be doing dubs completely fresh?

Snatches were fine up until the end of round 2. My shoulders were feeling the strength portion of the day and holding that overhead was bRUTAL! My low back and butt were on fire during the wall balls… overall, it was a triplet from hell. It was a goodie though!


Power clean: 3×5 @ 70%

Power Jerk: 3×5 @ 70%

Overhead Squat: 3×5 @70%

Power cleans are always fun. I love them. Felt nice and light. This is the first time I’ve jerked, or put anything overhead, really (besides yesterday) since I hurt my shoulder. Which was a long time ago! Weight felt easy and I felt nice speed under the bar.




power cleans (75#)

thrusters (75#)

MY FOREARMS! HOLY SHIT! And the thrusters following those cleans was BRUTAL! My original plan was to get through the first 21 and last 9 unbroken…… didn’t happen. Cleans initially weren’t bad because it is light weight but the thrusters were pretty rough. I always try to evenly split things up… so, for example, split the 21 up into 11 and 10. Split the 15 up into 8 and 7, and IDEALLY* do all 9 unbroken. Of course, it’s crossfit, and nothing goes as planned. I split up the thrusters in the first 21 into 7-7-7. After that, I basically stuck to the plan. Except for the set of 9; I did 5 and 4 cleans but still did 9 unbroken thrusters. Try this one out and see how much your entire body feels like it got sacked by Brian Urlacher.




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