Well good morning my little angel pies, it is Thursday and WOULD YA LOOK AT THAT, IT’S NOT 100 DEGREES AND SO HUMID THAT YOU GET SWAMP ASS THE SECOND YOU STEP OUTSIDE! Beautiful and cool day out… PERFECT FOR SOME POWER SNATCHING! I love driving when it’s dark out, unlocking the doors to the gym, while it’s still dark.. and working out in dead silence while the sun comes up. (What the hell is this, the notebook? 😛 )

Power snatch: 70% 3×5 ( I added in a full snatch after the 3 power snatches)

Snatch high pull: 70% 3×5

Snatch push press: 70% (of snatch) 5+1 (5 snatch push presses + 1 overhead squat)

MET CON: “Boulder Holder”


Push press (135/95)


Pull up

Every other round (starting with the round of 10 and 1), after you push press and pull up, sprint 100 m row.

CA$H OUT: 30 Double unders


I’ve been adding in the double unders as a cash out for every single met con and it’s done wonders. They seem insanely easy now that I’m used to doing them when I’m out of breath and wanting to collapse to the ground.

Then I did a couple muscle ups for fun. Seemed just a tad easier today than yesterday… Wouldja look at that?!


Great things come with some practice and hard work… 


  • Posted on 12. September 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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