So guys, posting yesterday didn’t happen because of my huge nerdiness and endless hours of studying. You know when you read the same sentence fifty times, and then you read it a fifty first time, and it sounds like you’ve never read it before? That happened with every sentence for 60 pages….


Power clean: 75% 3×5

Power jerk: 75% 3×5

Overhead squat: 75% 3×5

Pullups: 6×5

Failed handstands: infinity

My shoulders were hurting so incredibly bad that I only got to 4 sets of power jerks before I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. I mashed these babies out, stretched them every which way, and took a break before trying overhead squats. Overhead squats were decent….. felt quick out of the hole but my arms were still shaky. I called it a day after this, no met-con.



3 Rounds for Time:

30 air squats

19 power cleans (135/95)

7 strict pull ups

400m run

Typically, this hero wod is 6 rounds. Which, let’s be honest, is dumb. I think any wod over 20 minutes is dumb, overkill, and definitely isn’t helping you get any stronger or faster. So I stuck with 3 rounds and finished with a time of 15:26. Holy crap that was rough. Here is my advice to you if you’re going to attack this:

Don’t try to do the entire first round of cleans and pullups unbroken. I am 99% sure that you’ll burn out and on the way back from your 400m you’ll be wheezing like Walter White, you’ll do one clean, and you’ll have to drop the bar. Figure out how you’re going to break up the cleans before you even start. My first round I did 7-7-5, and the 2 rounds after that I did 5-5-5-4. The last round, though, I was full on struggling… I did the last 3 cleans as singles.

Besides that, do the air squats unbroken. There isn’t really any reason you should be stopping during those. These are your opportunity to catch your breath. Also, don’t walk on the 400m. You’ll be panting and out of breath and thinking about how much those cleans are going to suck the entire run, but keep pluggin’…..

Pullups are hard to say. I tried to only drop twice from the bar if I had to, which you most likely will unless you are an upper body macho and you have a pullup fetish. In that case, kill that shit. But for the vast majority of us, pull ups suck even by themselves, let alone after 19 cleans. If you’re going to drop, take only a couple seconds to shake it out and get back up there and pull. No use standing under the bar and staring at it; you’re not harry potter, you can’t levitate up there.

I was supposed to do some 3 position cleaning, squatting, and pressing today in the afternoon a couple hours after my met con, but I feel like I’m starting to get sick so I moved it to tomorrow. If I still have a scratchy throat and intense sniffles tomorrow then I’ll probably still lift but not do a met con.



  • Posted on 18. September 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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