Guys, I must say, the only thing I can think of right now is the fact that tomorrow is THE LAST EPISODE EVER of Breaking Bad………. I can hardly contain myself! Can I hibernate until 8pm so I don’t have to deal with all of the anticipation?!


So here’s something new. I tried a nighttime recovery supplement. I’ve never been a fan of taking all that crap, not so much because it “scares me” (that seems to be what most people say…), but because it’s expensive as hell and I don’t have a money tree in my backyard. Also, I’ve done pretty well without any sort of supplements… everything you need, you can get with what you eat. However, because I don’t sleep, my body takes FOREVER to recover, if it recovers at all. I took two humongous horse size capsules last night and I woke up this morning with VERY little soreness, and ready to rumble! I walked outside to this beautiful sight outside of my apartment… it’s the simple things in life!


On Thursday, I was starting to feel really run down, crappy, and overall just kind of bitchy. I decided to make the rest of my week a “do whatever you want/deload ” style week. So today, I went in and did some snatching. Keith noticed in my previous snatch videos that I wasn’t PULLING myself under the bar, but I was FALLING. You don’t want to fall, you want to BOOM! So today I made a conscious effort to kind of use the bar to shoot myself down into the catch… and I noticed a difference! Not only in the way it looked (which was better), but how much easier and lighter it made it feel. Tiny cues go  a long way.

Then I did some clean and jerks. I felt really fast getting under the bar. My shoulderblade was hurting like a mother everytime I did the jerk, so the whole clean and jerk every minute on the minute thing didn’t exactly go as planned. Shit happens.

I also have been doing handstand pushups (strict) a little bit differently. Typically, I just go straight up and down. Now, on the way down, you almost move your head back towards the wall and try to touch your forehead to the floor. On the way back to full extension, you pull your head through. It’s hard to explain, so watch this video. Watch the way Camille does her HSPU’s. It’s way easier. Make sure you’re not releasing any tension at the bottom of the HSPU….because as soon as you release tension, it’s game over and you’re basically fucked. (AKA, you’re not getting out of that without a kip.)

Skip to maybe the 7 minute mark for the video.

Then I did some muscle ups, which I am starting to ENJOY! Wait, what?! Haven’t I been talking in my last 10 posts about how much I despise muscle ups? Well, let me tell you. A shitload of practice and failures and getting back up goes a long way. Things start to get fun when you learn to do them well. Linking together muscle ups is actually fun for me! Today I went the extra mile and put a med ball between my legs and did weighted MUs. Really awkward, really difficult, and definitely something I’ll be doing more of.

I’ve been really enjoying carb backloading as well.


Off day tomorrow, thank the heavens. I’m exhausted. Listen to your body, give yourself a pat on the back, celebrate the little things…. and eat pumpkin donuts 😉

  • Posted on 28. September 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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