Guys, it’s Friday. So here is some cuteness to put a big smile on your face….these are the cuteset little things my eyes ever did see:

Anyway, I woke up this morning like a big pile of jello and not really wanting to do anything. But, I picked myself up and had my favorite mint coffee that reminds me of how Christmas is basically just around the corner!!!!!


It was another great day with some fun complexes… complexes are the best. They’re interesting and keep you from wanting to die of boredom after doing 6 sets of the exact same thing…. I don’t know what kind of shit you’re into, but that’s not really my style! KP needs a little variety!

Power Clean + Push Press – 75% (of push press 1RM) : 2(2+1) x 5 sets. *This indicates that you’re doing 2 power cleans, 1 push press, 2 power cleans, 1 push press. That equals one set.*

Snatch Push Press + Snatch Balance – 70% (of snatch 1RM) : 3+1 x 5 sets *3 snatch push presses + 1 snatch balance = one set*

Snatch Pull – 90% of snatch 3×5

Then I did some strict press and muscle cleans because I feel like I haven’t done them in a while and I’m trying to develop these child like shoulders. I wasn’t planning on a met con today but I was feeling doing some cleans….dips, not so much, because I hate them, but I’ve been slacking on those so I decided to just knock out that sloot Elizabeth:


Power clean (135/95)

Ring dips

I didn’t really do this for time… And I decided to do the ring dips strict. Holy shit, why are dips so hard? I despise them! I did all the cleans unbroken and split the first 21 dips into 7-7-7. I split the next 15 into 5-5-5 and the last 9 into 5 and 4.

My last few training seshes have been great. I feel good, I feel energized, and I don’t feel any sort of pressure. I want to keep enjoying doing this without putting all that unnecessary pressure on myself… because the moment it’s not fun anymore, what’s the point? I think I reached a point of overload last week and now I’m adjusting… cut down volume, added in more things that I LIKE and that I actually WANT to do… and most importantly, having fun. 😀 Sometimes you just need a moment or two of clarity people. Or zen, if you will… That being said….

basset_hound_running_0002 hahahhahahahahahaha

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