It’s Monday, it’s a new week, and we’re all up in here tryna get a muh-fu#kin schollaship!!

Monday is one of my met con days… I think it has officially become Met Con Monday. (Unless I feel like complete crap….even then, I usually do a met con anyway.) This morning was  a TRIP!!!! And, I know EXACTLY what you’re going to be thinking when you read the met con, because it’s exactly what I thought to myself to. Here it is:


40 double unders

20 pullups

10 clean and jerk (115/75)

Let me tell you what I know you’re thinking: “3 rounds? that’s not that bad. Double unders? cake. Pullups? easy capeezy. AND ONLY 10 CLEAN AND JERKS WITH LIGHT ASS WEIGHT?! THIS MET CON WILL BE FUN!!!!” <<<My thoughts exactly. So let’s go through how this baby went….. and how I ended up naming it the Chi City Crippler.

First round, I felt great. I did all the dubs, pullups, and clean and jerks unbroken. The second I dropped that bar, some sort of crippling effect came over me. I was wheezing like Walter White. Literally, gasping for air. Even when you’re fresh, double unders require some level of concentration and timing. PEOPLE, I’M TELLING YOU…. doing those dubs felt like I was learning how to do them for the very first time. Tripping every 5, whipping myself, stepping on the rope….you name it, I did it. I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on. Pullups became INCREDIBLY difficult just doing 5 at a time. Clean and jerks were fine… I stuck with splitting them into 5 and 5 for rounds 2 and 3. Double unders for the third round felt nearly impossible. My body and mind were not working properly. After the met con was over, I did what my coaches back at home hate: the bacon sizzle. I collapsed onto the ground trying to catch my breath for what seemed like an EFFING ETERNITY. My chest and lungs literally hurt……all day long. ALL. DAY. LONG.

After re gaining some consciousness and dignity I did my lift and called it a day.

Clean: 3×3 @ 75%, 2×2 @ 80%

Behind Neck Split Jerk: 2×3 @ 75%, 2×2 @ 80%

Back Squat: 2×5 @ 75%

Cleans felt a little bit off today, jerks felt pretty good. My back leg wasn’t bending enough which is like, what the hell man? Squats feel great as always. I’m excited for the time to come when I feel like testing for a 1RM.



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