TODAY WAS THE ULTIMATE BUTTERFLY DAY!!! And by that, I mean I did 100 butterfly pullups in the morning. Mixed with probably 50 strict pullups and way too many dubs to keep track of. And then I did some rowing and decided that that was enough butterflying for the day!

Later on, I went to a new place to train. I was super intimidated and nervous about it because it’s strictly a weightlifting facility…. no Crossfit or anything like that. I walk in and see people snatching with such impeccable form that I thought to myself, “holy shit… will I ever look like that?” I was greeted with open arms and jumped right into today’s training.

Power Snatch: 3×3 @ 70%, 3×3 @ 75%, 2×2@ 80%

Snatch balances: 65% x5, 70% x5, 75%x5, 80% x 3

Front Squat: 3×5@ 80%

The thing I loved about this place was the insane coaching. You’re on this big platform, under the big lights, with 5 pairs of eyes on you. They analyzed my every single movement down to the inch, which I absolutely needed and loved. Their advice and keen eye already made a huge difference in that matter of an hour and a half…. I had the time of my life!!! I’m absolutely stoked to train there 5 days a week and really work on getting my form to be 20000%. Also, I have to get used to using kilos…… I’m so used to pounds!



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