Today was the day of the jerk. I really didn’t do anything else besides overhead squat.. me being the person that I am, I became OBSESSED with doing the jerk over and over and over again until I got a “good!” from my coach and not just a “better!”. “Better!” doesn’t do it for me. I need a “good” or even a “beautiful!”. I’m kind of crazy in that way.

I worked the push jerk today between 70%-80% of my 1RM. It felt extra heavy… which I just hate. Jerks just always feel heavy to me….it’s gotta be a mental thing. But, my “jerk bun” did give me a little extra OOMF!


Coach kept telling me that if I’d just drop down 2 inches, I wouldn’t be pressing for that split second when I finish. I’d almost rather be told that I just flat out suck than be told I’m THAT CLOSE but just not quite there. Extremely, EXTREMELY frustrating. Welcome to weightlifting!

So here’s a very short outline of today:

PUsh Jerk: 3×3 @ 70%, 3×3 @ 75%, 2×3 @ 80%

I ended up doing wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more push jerks than what I just wrote above, but that was supposed to be my plan for today.

Overhead Squat: 3×3 @ 75% , 2×2@ 80%

Coach is telling me that because I started out with Crossfit and wasn’t exclusively being trained in olympic lifting, there will be a few small things that are going to be REALLY difficult to change. Driving and dropping insanely quick under the bar is one of the things that is going to take loads upon loads of practice to learn… and today during jerks, I kept on dropping an inch or two short of where I should have been because I have just become so used to doing a million push jerks at a time and slightly pressing out at the top.

After another frustrating (yet super productive) day, I came home and murdered some milanos, a meatball sub, chips, bread, and chocolate.


Met-con tomorrow. haven’t done one since Monday, so I’m excited and nervous. Met cons always make me nervous.


  • Posted on 10. October 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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