IT’S FRIDAY GUYS, AND 2 CHAINZ IS COMING TO WESTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY……. and I will absolutely not be attending. I’ve only heard one song by that douche… I will admit though, my favorite line from the song is, “Ass so big I told her LOOK BACK AT IT!”


Today was the first day I’ve done a met con since Monday. I usually go every other day with met cons, so I was all scared and nervous! I woke up at 5ish and was ready to rumble with this little guy that doesn’t sound bad, but was pretty brutal!


10 dumbbell cleans-squat (53/35# DBs)

10 HR pushups

15 double unders


Those dumbbell cleans were rough man! Holding them is a tad awkward…. it absolutely TORCHES your shoulders…. which is just great for the pushups and dubs! (Sarcasm). It was a perfect little burner. It’s kind of nice sometimes to change it up and use dumbbells (or kettlebells, I just don’t have any at the gym) instead of your typical bar.

Then I went to class and couldn’t stop laughing during the exam. These questions/answers are EXACTLY what were written on the test…. :

What is the number one killer in the elderly?

A) Heart disease     B) Cancer     C) Obesity     D) twerking accidents

What is an 80 year old man least likely to do?

A) Get a young girl pregnant      B) Be interested in sex     C) Pee in the snow and write his name      D) all of the above

How hilarious is that? And the thing about me is…. once I start laughing, I usually can’t stop. Especially in a situation where I know I have to refrain from laughing, it makes it that much more difficult.

Anyway, I napped pretty hard after class and went in for an AMAZING training sesh this evening!

Snatch: 3×3 @ 75%, 2×4 @ 80%, heavy single (wasn’t supposed to go for a heavy single, but couldn’t resist)

Clean: 3×3 @ 75%, 2×4 @ 80%

Squat: 2×5 @ 80%

My coaches have been telling me that since I learned to do all of the olympic lifts through crossfit, where you’re doing a bajillion reps, I have become really accustomed to basically muscle-ing up the weight as opposed to punching under it. Which you can’t really help… I mean, in wods like Grace and Isabel (or any wod with an olympic lift in it), you don’t exactly have the time to think about dropping under quickly and efficiently. From day one, they said that my strength and speed are good, it’s just a matter of not floating/ muscleing under there but DROPPING under there. The cue they gave me today just made sense.

“You have a great catch and a great drive under. It’s your pull. Don’t think about ANYTHING else.. don’t think “drive”, don’t think “drop”, just think about your pull. You’ll drop and catch automatically.”

And that’s exactly what I did… and after this week of only getting “better!” and “good!”…. I got a “wow, that was beautiful!”. I was ECSTATIC!!!! Remember that breakthough I was talking about? ……. It happened today.

Tomorrow will be muscle up day and another met con. Haven’t done muscle ups in two weeks because I haven’t had anywhere to do them. Luckily, I’ve got some rings that are just waiting to be hung from some weird place (football goal post, tree… etc.). My pullups have been feeling really strong these days and I’m excited to MU it up.

When things don’t seem to be going right, and you’re frustrated as all shit, keep pushing. It’s in your worst moments that greatness happens.




  • Posted on 11. October 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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