I’m throwing this out there right now: I am absolutely SICK of doing met-cons by myself. It is extremely old and I can honestly say I’ve been dreading doing them the entire day before. First of all, just having to say “3..2..1” to yourself and then STARTING by yourself is pretty shitty. You’re more likely to stall, stand around and let your mind go crazy with thoughts about how badly this is going to suck, etc. And then, once you start the met-con, it is almost guaranteed that you will take far longer and more frequent breaks than if you were doing a met-con with a group, or even one other person.

But, I’ve been doing them anyway, because I know I have to. I know that by getting through these dreadful and straight up shitty solo met-cons will do wonders for me once I am actually “in the ring” with everyone else…. but sometimes, (on days like today), I probably should have just taken the day off.

Let’s rewind. I haven’t taken a day off in around 3+weeks. I schedule days off, and tell myself it’ll be my day off, but then I usually end up doing a met-con or some sort of conditioning/aerobic work. So, my body is pretty beat up and I’m exhausted. Second, I’ve been taking these nighttime recovery capsules for about 2 weeks. They were okay at first…. definitely helped with soreness. But I’ve realized that they make me really zombie-like, dizzy, and groggy. It isn’t until about halfway through (or sometimes  all the way through) my met-cons that my body actually feels awake. My coordination and reflexes seem delayed and everything feels exceptionally heavy, and today I especially felt the effects. I took longer breaks than I have EVER taken in my entire time doing Crossfit. And my double unders were all out of whack and overall I felt like shit. After taking a couple minutes after the wod was over, I decided to add in 2 more rounds…. both of which felt faster and were unbroken. My body finally woke up…. after 10 minutes of double unders and 4 rounds of misery. So, I’m going to stop taking my muscle recovery (such a waste of money…) and hope that it makes a difference. Because my met-cons before taking the muscle recovery felt fast, strong, and awesome.


Buy in: 50 double unders (I’d typically do these unbroken, but today I was a wreck…tripping all over the place, whipping myself, etc.)

Then….4 ROUNDS

6 deadlifts

6 front squats

6 OH walking lunges

6 burpees

Ca$h OUt: 50 double unders (Same situation as the buy in, except worse)

Then I added in those 2 extra rounds after I was done, followed by more double under practice. It’s as if my body forgot how to do double unders, because I completely blow at them these days!

These movements don’t seem all that bad. I know what you’re thinking. “Kayla, that’s only 6 reps of each movement. That’s nothing.” Uh, yeah, my thoughts exactly. I’m telling you, these movements together completely suck! Try not letting go of that bar at all until all 18 reps(deadlift, front squat, lunge)  are complete. Burns everywhere and takes your breath away, I’m telling ya!

I’m going to chalk up today as just another “eh” day and move the hell on, because I already feel myself starting to dwell on how much today didn’t go the way I planned. Tomorrow is a new day and a new week.


  • Posted on 13. October 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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