I forgot to post yesterday…. because I was going in and out of hardcore napping and studying all day long!


No met-con. Just a whole lotta lifting!

Power Snatch+Snatch: 65%, 70%, 75% x 2 sets (1+1)

Power clean + Power jerk: 65%, 70%, 75% x 2 sets (1+1)

Clean Pull: 4×4

1380194_10152315839653569_798899177_n Early bend in the arms, but he’s a little trooper! 😉 

Today I did a met-con in the afternoon, but no lift. I’ve had some serious pain in my SI joint and all of the snatching/cleaning/jerking has been bothering the crap out of it… so much so that I sleep on the floor…and it wakes me up throughout the night! >:[

Today’s met-con:



Hang power clean (I used 95)



Double unders

I went unbroken with everything… it burned. And then after that was over, I took about a minute rest and…


Hang power clean (115 pounds this time)

Deficit pushups


Double unders

Typically I don’t like to do a lot of olympic lifts in met-cons that are at a considerably heavy-ish weight. But, with limited equipment and all that blah blah blah, I decided to just do it because it was fun.

Want to know what you should try that’s just super awesome? HANDS-RELEASE BURPEES! When you’re at the bottom, just release your hands before jumping back up….. like a hands release pushup, except suckier 😉


  • Posted on 16. October 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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