Today was a pretty straightforward day…. and I’m about to hop on the train and go home for the weekend, THANK THE HEAVENS! Believe it or not, Macomb, Illinois gets a little bit… uh…. old.

No met-con today, thank the heavens. It was actually really difficult to drag myself off of my floor bed and go train because I am EXHAUSTED, and my knees have been hurting like none other. But I did, and I’m so happy I did. Because although the first couple sets were a tad “off”, I ended up really breaking through with my clean and snatch and nailed everything I’ve been trying to nail. Oh, and I’ve been sleeping on the floor, because of a messed up SI joint.. and my crappy bed just isn’t doing it for me and my back.


Hang Snatch: 3×5 @ 75%

Hang Clean: 3×5 @ 75%

And that’s it. Was supposed to do heaving snatch balances but my lower back really started bothering me so I called it a day. Listen to your body, folks.


  • Posted on 17. October 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
  • Categories: Kayla Perry Blog
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