“Exceptional athletes are people that get off on that altered state. They love to be in that position where everything works really well. And that’s why you have people who will beat themselves to death and train as hard as they can for months just to have those few seconds on the platform where everything works well. I think it’s an addiction to that altered state that weightlifting is really about.” -Bob Takano


I just love this quote so I wanted everyone to read it and think about all the hours, temper tantrums, sweat, blood, and tears they’ve put in just to experience that split second of clarity, accomplishment, and achievement. When I really get to thinking about it, it is mind boggling and just completely crazy to think about how hard I work all for something that is, in literal terms, pretty small. Hours upon hours and all sorts of drills that make you want to smash things… all for what? All to get to a certain position that might have only been a couple inches off of what you were doing before. A COUPLE INCHES! All that sacrifice for a couple inches. That’s one of the many reasons why I love and despise weightlifting all at the same time.

Today was unexpectedly awesome. I was completely exhausted and woke up from my nap looking like I had just had a stroke. Believe it or not, (sarcasm), the last thing I wanted to do was go train. But, I made myself a mug of some amazing new coffee I got….. actually, I got two new kinds. Chocolate glazed donut and chocolate caramel. They smell pretty orgasmic in the pot, but it’s not until after you’re done drinking it and you SNIFF THE MUG…. it’s magical! So I downed my cup of chocolate glazed donut coffee and drove to the gym, walked in, smelled the smell of weights, and kind of perked up. Snatches went pretty great today. But, I will say, I despise power snatching. I feel like my arms are going to rip out of their sockets. It’s just scary.

Power Snatch+ Snatch: 1+1 @70% x 2, @75% x2, @80% 1×2

Power Clean + Push Jerk: 1+1 @70% x 2, @75% x2, @80% 1×2

I feel really powerful these past couple days. Good shit. Then I turned to the other side of the gym to see the arrival of the beautiful fat axle bar. Naturally, I can’t not play with new toys when they present themselves to temptingly (real word?) to me! I did some ascending-weight fat bar thrusters….too much fun. It’s really fun trying to teach olympic lifters how to do Crossfit style things…. it’s a foreign body language to them!


Then I did a completely awful metcon that doesn’t really sound awful but is pretty awful.

5 Rounds:

10 DB thrusters (55/35# DBs)

3 burpees

15 double unders

I’ve been incorporating double unders into tiring-ass metcons because there is nothing harder than knocking out a million dubs while you’re gasping for air and your arms are on fire. Why DUMBBELL thrusters, you ask? Well, I can knock out 50 barbell thrusters no problem. Thrusters are my thing. I absolutely love them. Dumbbells bring them to a whole new level. First of all, bringing those babies back down to your shoulders after the lockout at the top feels like trying to lower boulders gently onto yourself. They’re awkward to hold and your shoulders will want to cry. I think it’s the awkwardness of holding them that makes them so horrible. It’s also harder to engage your hips in the movement when all you’re really thinking about is how heavy these weird-shaped objects feel in your grip. It’s a great alternative to your regular thruster.

Have fun guys, be smart. By the way, my thumb is still numb.



  • Posted on 23. October 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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