First off, let me tell you guys something I learned…

I’ve always hated the phrase “going ham”. I think it’s stupid and I think it’s something that 8th graders say after they’ve had their first sip of smirnoff green apple vodka and act like they’re plastered. But, did you guys know that “ham” is actually an ACRONYM?!?! Yeah, man! It’s an acronym for going “hard as a motherfu#$er”! That’s pretty cool and kind of clever if you ask me.

Yesterday I was supposed to do some hang snatches, hang cleans, and heavy snatch balances. But, I woke up with this super uncomfortable, tight/pulling feeling in my hamstring. The spot right above my knee, on the inside of my left leg…. feels like if you grabbed a green pullup assistance band and pulled it as tight as you can. Typically I’m an idiot and train through these things but yesterday freaked me out a little bit too much… and it’s getting too close to competition day to do something stupid and really hurt myself. So, I took the day off. And holy hell did I take the day off!

On my “days off”, which are pretty rare these days, I always end up doing something anyway. A met con, working on gymnastics skill, aeorbic work… I don’t do any sort of bar work on “days off” though. Yesterday, I literally did jack shit. I went to class, came home, and watched Nip/Tuck for probably 9 hours. Pathetic? Perhaps. Necessary? Probably. I think my body is trying to tell me something here. Today my hammy feels a lot better but that doesn’t mean I’m about to go snatch and clean. I’ll do some aerobic work and gymnastics work… definitely no met-con. I have a pounding headache and body ache.

Today is the Crossfit Invitational and I’m super excited to watch it. Team USA and Team World are pretty stacked…. and the WODS are ¬†interesting!

“You’re never gonna get better if you don’t train with other people because you’re afraid of being beat. And you’re also never going to get better if you only train with people you’re gonna beat. You’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there. If you lose one day, fuck it! Tomorrow’s another day.”

– Jason Khalipa, Team USA


I have a huge crush on Jason Khalipa. Happy Saturday… and please be smart!

  • Posted on 26. October 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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