And no wonder. Gymnastics is just that.. it’s NASTY!!!! Those who are crossfitters that have a background in gymnastics have a HUGE advantage over those regular people like us, who don’t. And no matter how much you try to convince them that they do, they’ll keep on denying it. Why they deny it, I have no idea… an advantage is an advantage, man. Embrace it.

Gymnasts have an incredible awareness of their body. This awareness allows them to be comfortable being in odd positions other than standing, sitting, etc. They are aware of where their body exists in space. Not to mention they have extreme upper body strength, which definitely doesn’t hurt when a wod calls for 50 pullups or handstand pushups…. or both. For multiple rounds. When it comes to more difficult movements, like the muscle up, they got that shit in the bag.

“I never did rings when I was in gymnastics, so me being a gymnast doesn’t make a difference.”

I’m calling bullshit on that one. One of the HARDEST things for me when I first learned to muscle up was learning to be okay with landing on top of those rings. It wasn’t learning to kip and pull, it wasn’t necessarily the dip… it was me panicking while I was in midair. I have NEVER been on gymnastics rings before, even when I was a kid. Not knowing where my body was going yet having to think about where all of my body parts NEEDED to go was extremely difficult. Gymnasts, used to be upside down, rightside up, swinging, cartwheeling, flipping, are completely comfortable with that quick up and over movement.

Now, I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here. Being a gymnast is awesome, and I wish I would have done it when I was younger and kept going with it, had I known I would have discovered Crossfit and needed that kind of skill. Never one time did I say gymnasts “aren’t fair”, though. There are times when I have said “that’s not fair”, but never ONCE have I said it during Crossfit. I have never in my life said “she’s a gymnast, that’s not fair.” So, if you were one of those people who got the wrong idea with where I”m going here, then there you go. Gymnasts have an advantage and they’re extremely lucky, and I wish I had that.

That being said, today was a crossfit- gymnastics day. I started off with muscle ups. I’ve been practicing using my hips for the muscle ups so as not to catch the rings so shallow. I catch them so deep that it’s pretty difficult to get up out of that dip. After being more conscious of my hips today, the dip was a breeze and I saved more energy so that I could better link them together.

Then I did ring dips, bar dips, strict pull ups, kipping pullups, butterfly pullups, and some handstand work. My shoulder that I hurt a couple months ago has been hurting again lately, especially when doing a lot of pullup stuff. As hard as it is, I’ve been needing to tone it down. I’m scared of hurting myself too bad to the point that I won’t be able to compete in a couple weeks.

This upcoming week is going to be brutal. Going pretty heavy, doing some insanely awful metcons, a lot of running/rowing/ tire flpping/ atlas stone carrying, barbell complexes… and the week after this coming week is a deload. And then it’s competition day!

Train hard but train SMART!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted on 27. October 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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