It’s been a long ass two and a half weeks since I’ve been able to do legs. I still haven’t squatted, snatched, or cleaned…. but I got some good news today!

NOTHING IS TORN!!!! Just need a little bit of rehab and strength action for my knee so that I could get back in the game….. Life without cleaning and snatching kind of blows!

Today was AWESOME. I’m home for the weekend and back at my favorite place on this entire planet, Crossfit Haven. IN FACT, I drove home from school in a record breakingĀ 3 and a half hours and went straight to Haven. Didn’t even stop at home. Sorry mom and dad.

Today I was able to do some light RDLs and light leg stuff. I stuck with 185 for RDLS for 3 sets of 7. Then I did some dips and pullups. And then I made this awesome little metcon:


20 second airdyne sprint

5 strict handstand pushups

2 legless rope climbs

Every other minute sub the rope climbs for 2 unbroken muscle ups. I absolutely love legless rope climbs and while I’m at school, I have no rope. So it was awesome to be able to do them today!! Muscle ups always suck, especially when you’re out of breath andĀ  your shoulders and arms are already effed up.

Then, for the first time ever, I did an L-sit rope climb. That shit is hard man! I remember in May when I tried I only got up about 2 feet and had to throw in the towel.

I’m not going to start cleaning and snatching just yet. I’ll stick with power clean/snatch for a while and strengthen up this knee so it doesn’t feel so wobbly…. in the mean time, I’m going to blast my upper body until I can do 30 unbroken pullups.


  • Posted on 8. November 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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