Snow is falling in Illinois. It’s a sad day… I despise snow. Now that it’s getting cold out and rowing and airdyning are getting old pretty quickly, it’s time to incorporate some new conditioning… SWIMMING!!

The Frogman Challenges are awesome. They’re usually in outdoor pools where you could bring barbells and kettlebells and rigs over there so that you could do wods with swim sprints in them. I don’t have that, but I did a swimditioning (swim+conditioning=swimditioning… it’s funny right?!) wod this morning!

50m freestyle @85% effort on the 1:15 x10

Finish with 100m kickboard sprint

First of all, kickboards are underrated. My legs were on fire about 25 meters in. Second of all, my lungs still hurt. I haven’t swam in months and holy shit I forgot how hard it was! I’m going to start getting into the pool once or twice a week…STARTING TODAY!

Speaking of today, IT WAS MY FIRST DAY BACK DOING LEGS! It’s been pretty dreadfully boring doing only upper body crap for the last 2 and a half weeks. And even though I’ve gotten pretty legit at muscle ups, pullups, and everything upper body, my legs need some lovin. I started on my new cycle today…and of course, I just had to snatch.

Snatch- 3×5 @65%

Overhead Squat-3×5 @65%

Front Squat-3×10 @65%

Everything felt good except towards the end. Around set 6 of front squats my knee started hurting so I stopped. Then I did 400 total double unders with my new RPM jumprope… THAT THING IS EFFING FAST!!!!!!

I’m pooped.


  • Posted on 11. November 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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