I don’t know about you, but every time I see the word “Fran” in any post, my heart starts beating really quickly. If you are one of those people who doesn’t get nervous about doing Fran, even if you’ve done it 60 times already, then I’m assuming you just don’t care very much. Because Fran is scary, Fran is painful, and Fran is a bitch.

I’ve been on a “strict kick” lately… meaning, all gymnastics movements and a lot of lifts in the wods are performed strict. No kip, no bounce, no nothing—-STRICT! Kayla, that sounds awful. Yes, it is awful. Kayla, that’s too slow and boring for me. DO IT…. Your heart will be beating just as fast as if you did Fran with a butterfly kip and regular thrusters. Let’s talk about the Strict Fran I did today.


21-15-9 (95/65)

Front Squat

Strict Press

Strict Pull Ups

Obviously the front squats should all be done unbroken. Those weren’t really the issue. The pullups were difficult, but I love pullups. The real kicker here was the strict press. After holding that bar in front rack for the front squats, the initial first press feels like your body weight. It really is pretty daunting when you feel yourself having to pop a blood vessel to press out 65 pounds. Here’s the thing….65 pounds is well below my max press. So, why does it feel so heavy? WELL…. BECAUSE YOUR SHOULDERS ARE ALL EFFED UP FROM FRONT RACKING IT! And then by the time you get to the sets of 15 and 9, your shoulders and arms are still all swole and burny from the pullups. I didn’t time this, but it felt like it took a while.

Then I did some strength stuff. I’ve been sick the last few days so I “took it easy” today….

Front Squat: 3×8 @ 75%

Weighted Pull Ups: 5×5 +20#

Double Unders: 200

Random Core Work

Today I did dubs in sets of 30. I don’t really like to go to failure on every single set of dubs I do. I want to pay attention to how fast I’m jumping, how high I’m jumping, my wrist position, and my wrist speed. All of these things are important to recognize if you ever plan on getting to 100+ double unders. Typically I’d do sets of 50, but I got a new rope… and in 3 words, it’s fast as fu#k. It took some getting used to at first… and when that thing whips you, hOLY HELL! It leaves a pretty badass welt. It makes you look cool, guys! Anyway, I did sets of 30 and focused on my jump today. Here’s what I say: ONE CUE AT A TIME. This not only applies to double unders, but any and every thing you do.

When I was first learning to snatch, the main thing for me wasn’t the weight of the bar…. it was the hundred cues running through my mind when approaching the bar. By the time you’re getting ready to pull that bar off the floor, your mind is in 1000 different places, saying “knees, then FAST! HIPS! STAND TALL! SHRUG AND PUNCH UNDER! FAST DROP!” By the time you start thinking about that last cue, it’s too late and it’s likely that you’ve missed the lift. One day, my coach said that the only issue he sees with my snatch is a slight issue with my third pull. He said, “don’t think about anything else. Just pull. The rest will happen by itself.” And it did! I’m not saying everything will be as easy as that, but you get the picture. One cue at a time, one thought at a time, one day at a time. That’s my mantra folks.


  • Posted on 16. November 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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