Sometimes when I’m feeling a little down and need a good laugh, I watch the show Call of the Wildman. Because Turtle Man is one helluva hick, GOD LOVE HIM! Would you listen to that chant?

Now let’s look at my perfect breakfast. Have you ever seen a more perfect hardboiled egg and homemade granola? Cmon folks. 


So after having a bit of an off week last week with my intense case of sniffles and sore throat, I’m back in the ring and ready to rumba. I felt real strong today…fast out of the hole,  quick punching under, and strong quads!!!!

Snatch: 3×5 @ 65%

Front Squat: 3×10@ 65%

Strict Press: 5×5

Snatches felt great. I took very little rest in between sets, though, so the last few sets were a lot of misses. I did finally get a “Wow, that was beautiful” from my coach… which always makes me all warm and fuzzy, because it’s rare to hear. My main focus was finishing my third pull, because that’s always my issue with snatching. I’m so eager to get under it that a lot of times I punch under to quickly and the bar is just far in front of me enough to result in a missed lift. Time to get patient!


10 Minute AMRAP

5 Deadlifts (115/75)

5 Hang power cleans

5 thrusters

10 DB swings (50)

The thrusters seemed pretty awful today. I’m one of those sick people that really loves thrusters, so I’m surprised they seemed so dreadful. Typically in wods, thrusters for women are always 65#. I find it beneficial to do my own wods with heavier thrusters so that when it comes time to do Rx wods, such as Fran, they seem like a cake walk. Surprisingly, though, the swings were the worst part of this. My back was on fire! Give it a whirl and have fun coughing up a lung for a solid 10 minutes.

This was my delectable dinner….WOMEN, IT’S OKAY TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_20131118_183948_448 egg, sweet tater fries, spinach, beef, bacon. 



  • Posted on 18. November 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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