If you have not yet read this article, READ IT. That is not a suggestion, it’s a demand. The message in this article hit so close to home for me and I’m sure every athlete out there that I actually got a little emotional. ME, getting emotional over an article?! If you know me well, you know that doesn’t happen. I don’t even cry during movies where most everyone cries. Here’s some of the things from the article that just jumped right out and smacked me in the face (in a good way):

“Hero-worship in the sense of expressing our unbound admiration is one thing. To obey the hero is a totally different kind of worship. There is nothing wrong in the former while the latter is no doubt a most pernicious thing. The former is man’s respect for which is noble and of which the great men are only an embodiment. The latter is the serf’s fealty to his lord. The former is consistent with respect, but the latter is a sign of debasement. The former does not take away one’s intelligence to think and independence to act. The latter makes one a perfect fool…” – B.R. Ambedkar

For the longest time, especially when learning things that I once assumed to be impossible, my entire thought process was “I WISH I was like that. I’ll never be that good. I could never do that.” Can you say NEGATIVE?! I mean, holy shit! I was the definition of a perfect fool. Everything I saw, I envied. Everything I couldn’t do, I took as a hit to my self-worth. And most importantly, all I wanted to be was someone else. Be the best version of yourself. Be the best YOU that you could be. Stop looking for approval from other people, and stop wondering what other people are doing.

“Respect an individual but never try to be them. If you measure your successes against someone else’s you are weak. Your constant habit of comparison is stealing from you the ability to embrace who you are, and who you can become.”

“How many times have you been asked who your heroes are? You probably scanned through a list of people in your head who have accomplished great things, and who overcame great obstacles. Why aren’t you on that list? Have you not achieved anything or overcome any adversity? Do you not embody the same qualities of character that these men and women do? If it’s the latter then make the change.”

This article has forced me to ask myself: Why don’t I see myself in that way? I bust my ass day in and day out, have NEVER given up on a session, a met-con, a wod, whatever the hell it may be. I strive to be the greatest I could possibly be…but for some reason, lost sight of this in the fog of everyone else’s accomplishments. I’ve achieved things I never dreamed of achieving and worked damn hard to do it. I’m my own hero, damn it!

Anyway, read that article. Greg Robins said it better than I did. Here’s what I did today:

Snatch: 3×5 @65%, 3×5@ 70% (probably did a lot more than this… got a little carried away)

Jerk: 3×5 @ 65%

RDL: 3×5

Weighted Pullup: 5×5 + 33 pounds

The last set of pullups were all in singles, because I was tired as hell and nearly blew a gasket trying to pull myself up there 😉

Work hard, be smart, be proud, BE YOUR OWN HERO!


  • Posted on 20. November 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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