It’s been so incredibly cold out here in Illinois that when you walk outside, the air kind of bites you in the face. OUCH! Winter is coming, and my days of running outside are numbered… that is, when I actually do run outside. Which is never. Which I probably should do more of, because the wod this weekend kicked my ass.


960m Run

5 Front sQuats (225/155)

10 Pull ups

15 KB Swings

First of all, front squats at 155 usually feel fine. I was supposed to front squat today, but decided that I would just treat the wod like they were my sets of front squats. Well, since I completely suck at running and my endurance has kind of suffered a bit, those front squats felt like I was doing 5 rep maxes. My knee that I hurt was absolutely killing me and the running and front squatting and being freezing and out of breath made it pretty dreadful. It builds character?


Snatch: 3×3 @ 70%, 2×3@ 75%, 2×2 @80%

Something is going on with my snatch these days where I think too much and it kind of makes me miss a whole lot. It’s never the weight that’s an issue… it’s that I can’t switch my mind off! Today’s lift was pretty crappy just because my body is killing me and I didn’t feel like doing anything. Should’ve taken the day off.

Tried some clean and jerks, and my knee started hurting and my shoulder started hurting. So those ended pretty quickly.

Then I did my 5×5 strict pullups with 30 pounds, which was about the only successful part of my day.

It’s really hard to mentally recover from shitty days, but I’m getting better at it. It’s good training for life.


  • Posted on 24. November 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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