It’s Monday…which can only mean one thing… I did a whole bunch of ish today!!! I started off with snatching… I needed to redeem myself after yesterday’s really ugly snatch session…and it was a success!

I made the extra effort to warm up today. Typically I breeze past warming up and stretching because I just want to get started and get going, but being that I felt like the tin man yesterday, I thought it might be a good idea to get off my lazy ass and do some stretching. Snatching felt GREAT! And here’s a little trick I have for everyone who struggles with keeping the bar close to your body: wear a baggy tshirt. Not extra super baggy, but baggy enough that it hangs off of you while you’re standing. If that bar doesn’t “clip” your shirt on the way up, it’s too far away from you. This could be hard to feel for, so it might be a good idea to get a picture/video. When I made a conscious effort to make sure the bar was dragging against my shirt, that thing stayed nice and close and I fell into that sweet spot that weightlifters love oh so much. Something I’ve also been doing before I start my snatch session for the day is hip snatching. Bar starts at your hips. Not even a high hang, really; there is no hang. Hips, drop under. Hips, drop under. That’s it. Since the third pull is what gives me the most trouble, hip snatching helped my body memorize what that movement felt like when it actually came time to do a full from-the-ground snatch.

Hip Snatch: 70% 3×3

Snatch: 75% 3×3, 80% 2×3

Strict Press: 5×5

Front Squat: 75% 3×10

I love the high volume stuff. Also, for my overhead strength, I’ve been doing the Texas Method and already feeling stronger. I hate strict press, so I needed to make sure that I was doing a whole lot more of it. Mondays are volume days, hence the 5×5. Wednesday I’ll be benching (considered a “recovery” day) for a 3×5, and Friday will be an “intensity” day, which will be 1×5.

Today’s metcon was different but it was good. Even though I’ve made it clear that I despise running, I do LOVE sprinting.

12 minute Amrap:

2,4,6,8,10….follow rep scheme until time expires

Shuttle run ( I couldn’t tell you how long one way was..pretty short. 10-5 yards maybe? I don’t know!)

Jump Squat

Inch worm with pushup at the bottom

The inch worms were surprisingly the suckiest part. They got sucky around the round of 10. I got up to the round of 16…so did 16 shuttle runs, 16 jump squats, but didn’t get through all the 16 inch worms.

Have fun and be smart. Don’t pay attention to what other people are doing. Are YOU doing everything that YOU need to be doing?


  • Posted on 25. November 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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