Today was EXHAUSTING! Some high volume stuff and a wod to finish it off… BOOM! And tomorrow’s wod should be a real doozy… I’m so excited that I could barely sleep! (But I never sleep, so what’s the real issue here? 😀 )

Hip Snatch: 65% 3×3, 70% 3×3

Snatch: 70% 2×3, 75% 2×2, 80% 2×2

Clean and Jerk: 75% 2×3, 80% 2×2

Front Squat: 80% 3×8

Weighted Strict Pullup: 5×5 +35# added

And then a wod that was supposed to be 3 rounds, but I did 2 because I was effing TIRED and SORE ……EVERYWHERE!

400m row

30 KB swings (I used 55)

20 OH walking lunges (45# plate overhead)

10 burpees

Anything after rowing sucks. Plain and simple.

If you could barely sleep at night because you’re so motivated, excited, and raring to go, then why do it? If it doesn’t make you so excited that your face lights up and a smile stretches across your face that you’re completely unaware of, then why keep doing it? WHY! I say this because today one of moy friends told me that her parents are making her go to law school, which she has no interest in doing. She sounded VERY not thrilled about all of the opportunities coming up for her… which made me think about things. Not just weightlifting, not just crossfit, but everything in life. You work your patootie off and for what? To look at it and say be “eh” about it? NO! I am a type who has a very addictive personality, so when I want something, I effing WANT IT. It’s deeper than just saying “I really want this.” It’s an obsession and a raw and nearly desperate need for it. I want to live it, breathe it, surround myself with it, perfect it….EVERYTHING! Whatever it is in life you decide to do, I could only hope that your mindset is the same. DO YOU, MAN!

And, most importantly, don’t forget to have fun. Because if you’re not having fun anymore, what’s the real point?


  • Posted on 29. November 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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