BUT MY BOOOODDY….. MY BOOOOODDDYYYY’S TELLIN’ ME YEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Don’t we just all love us a little R.Kelly when times are tough? Well today my mind AND my body were telling me NO, but I decided to workout anyway.


Back Squat: was supposed to be 5×5 @ 80%, but my knee started killing me. I started getting shooting pains just taking the bar off the rack, so I pretty much only managed 2 sets of 3 at 80% before I threw in the towel.

Romanian Deadlift: 4×5

Clean Deficit Deadlift: 3×5 @ 110% clean 1RM (DO NOT MIX GRIP THESE—-THE POINT IS TO IMITATE THE FIRST PULL OF THE CLEAN!!!!! I did these with my feet on a 45# plate)

Bench: 3×5 (These felt beastly today…. The texas method is clearly working!)

Back extension: 3×12 with 45# plate held against chest

Good Mornings: light, 3×5

Pretty much a lot of randomosity… There were some things that I was supposed to do but wasn’t able to do… like my back squats, and Overhead walking lunges with a snatch grip. Today probably would have been a good day to take off, but I needed to move around after my EPIC CHEAT MEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!


Peppermint ice cream (my favorite, besides mint chocolate chip) with a shit ton of fudge shoppe cookies (my favorite cookie!). BOOM! IF THAT’S NOT A GOOD PRE-WORKOUT IDK WHAT IS 😉 

If you don’t feel like doing anything, and your body and mind are tired, you should probably just take a day to relax and recuperate. If you want to get in there and give it a go, start off slow and see how ya feel. Be smart, have fun.


  • Posted on 4. December 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
  • Categories: Kayla Perry Blog
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