This morning I was planning on doing a little row workout but on my way up the steps to the gym, I thought to myself…….. “That stadium looks like fun! I haven’t done stadium stairs since summer!” So, even though it was 7 degrees out here in Macomb Illinois, I ran out there all excited. It didn’t take long until I couldn’t feel my toes and my face started to hurt though….

8 Minute “AMRAP”

1 flight (up+ down) —-EVERY STEP—->SPRINT!

5 Burpees/ 5 Pushups / Jumping Squats (I alternated)

Some of the flights of stairs I skipped a step just for funsies and it made my legs feel like frozen little popsicles. Just as I was about to finish up, I noticed the tire that the football players use was left out on the field… SO I HAD TO USE THAT LIL GUY!!! Except he wasn’t so little. That shit was heavy as hell and I couldn’t feel my hands.




Then I went to go lift, which didn’t really go very well considering I couldn’t stop coughing and my legs were jello-like.

Clean&Jerk: 75% 3×3, 80% 2×2, 85% 2×2

Front Squat: 3×8 @ 88%

Strict Press: 1×5 (HEAVY!)

Strict Negative Pullups: 2×10 (11 pounds added), 2×5 (no negative, 25 pounds added)

Clean and jerks were very “eh”. My jerks felt really strong even though my shoulders were killing me. On my last 4 sets I did a clean plus 2 jerks because they felt so good. Front squats were horrible; felt like it was my 1RM for a triple when it should’ve felt heavy but not as challenging as it did. Ever since hurting my knee my squats feel extremely weak and you know what? THAT’S A SUCKY FEELING!!!!!

I didn’t post this the other day, because it wasn’t all that interesting, but I FINALLY hit a new PR on my snatch. I haven’t really been testing anything, especially since the injury (obviously), so I wasn’t expecting it at all. I went in and had been snatching for a solid hour already and I felt kind of good… So I decided to just go for it. The snatch wasn’t pretty but I’m pleasantly surprised that I got it up after being so worn out. Next week is a deload, which I couldn’t be happier about. I’m exhausted.




  • Posted on 7. December 2013
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