FINALLY! It has seemed like FOREVER since I’ve had a full-on, intended, and designated deload week. I say intended because I don’t count the couple weeks of injury as a deload. I count those as days that sucked… plus, I still worked out while injured anyway. This week is MY SCHEDULED DELOAD, IN WHICH I WILL EAT SOME SOLID FOOD AND RELOAD AND TEST FOR SOME NEW MAXES! The only lift I’ve tested in months and months was last week, and I hit a PR (on snatch). Hopefully some PRs are in store for this weekend/ next week. Let’s talk about what I did today.

Snatch Pull: 5×2 (light)

Snatch: 1×10 (50%-60%)

Front Squat: 5×3 @ 60%

Clean Deficit Deadlift: 3×5 @60%

Bar Dips: 5×5

Then I did a quick burner of a met-con:



5 Rounds

20 double unders

5 Dumbbell Deadlifts (30# DBs)

5 Dumbbell Hang Cleans

5 Dumbbell Push Press

Ca$h Out: 75 double unders

Lots of double unders! My little baby calves are feeling it!!!

Here’s what I’ve been eating lately. Here’s what I ate yesterday… (I was really hungry….)

unnamed-2 11 am: 1 Whole avocado, 2 slices bacon, sausage, broccoli with butter, and 2 cups of black coffee. 

unnamed-3 2pm(ish?) Steak and lobster with lots of butter. 

unnamed-4 6pm: begin the carbs. Apple, huge scoop of almond butter, and LUNA BAAAR……. I COULD EAT 2039823 OF THESE! 

unnamed-5 7PM, because I was still hungry: 2 slices bacon, sausage, an egg, and 1/4 of an avocado. 

Women, listen up. It’s okay to eat. And fat is fun. Now go Eat and go throw around some heavy shit!

  • Posted on 9. December 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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