Strict Press: 1×5 reps at 65%, 1×5 reps @75%, 1x AMRAP @85%

Back Squat: 1×5 reps at 65%, 1×5 reps @75%, 1x AMRAP @85%

Fun little Curtis P complex:

1 power clean + 2 Front Rack Reverse Lunges + 1 Power Jerk (no split jerking allowed!)

Typically I’d do this as an on-the-minute sort of thing, but today I just felt like going really heavy. So basically I kept adding weight until I could no longer complete the entire complex. I love stuff like this! It makes the monotony of a program fun and interesting.


Strict Handstand Pushups: 20

Strict Chest to bar Pullups: 60

Then later on I went in and did a row wod that lasted about 22 minutes. It was kind of random and was making it up as I went along…. I just rowed for the amount of time it took for everyone else to finish doing their own wod. So here’s sort of what it looked like…….

500m row, 80% effort

30 second rest

2500m row, moderate pace

1 minute rest

4x500m with 30 seconds rest in between

Then towards the last 3 minutes I did 30 seconds on, 100% effort, and 30 seconds off. My legs are exhausted, my upper body is exhausted, EVERYTHING is exhausted. I even took a DAYTIME EPSOM SALT BATH!!!!! DURING THE DAY!!! Pretty weird!

Don’t forget to roll out! 😉



  • Posted on 18. December 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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