It’s Christmas Eve!!!! And today was HARD! It was one of those deadly complexes that never sounds bad, but you soon find out just HURTS! EVERYWHERE!

4 sets…. rest as needed in between sets:

1 minute max distance row

9 Power Cleans (RX starting weight 155/110…. it’s ideal to add weight every round. How much you want to add is up to you based on feel.)

7 Front Squats

5 Push Jerks

40 double unders

Typically the push jerks would be the worst part of this type of complex just because of all of the power cleans and how long you have to hold the bar in front rack for the front squats. If you’re breezing through this, that is, getting through all 5 push jerks with barely any struggle, YOU ARE NOT GOING HEAVY ENOUGH! This wod took me about 35 minutes…. taking around 2 minutes rest in between rounds. Except for the rest in between my 4th and 5th round, which was more like 3 minutes. Didn’t really pay much attention to it because I wanted to make it more of a strength thing than a conditioning thing. My goal was to end with 155 but I just couldn’t finish out the push jerks. Kind of disappointing, but I have to be pretty satisfied with the fact that I ended up pretty damn heavy for me for such a brutal complex (ended with 150 pounds.)

The power cleans weren’t bad at all. Power cleans are my favorite, and I can easily touch and go with a heavy weight. Surprisingly, the FRONT SQUATS were absolutely TORTUROUS! I despise front squatting (and squatting in all forms, really….) and having to do it after a row and 9 power cleans was just cruel! The weight felt way heavier than it should have and I’m not exactly sure why. My guess is that I wasn’t taking the time to get set up, make sure I was breathing properly, and losing too much tension in the bottom of the squat. I was just so tired and out of breath that I kind of let myself collapse at the bottom, which made it nearly impossible to stand up (but I did 😉 )

Then I did a 10 minute EMOM, wearing a 20# weighted vest, of.. :

5 strict chest to bar pullups

7 chest to floor pushups

It was a pretty fabulous day. Then I watched the next crew go and do their thing.. I always like watching other people do the same wod I do. It’s interesting to see how people approach things. Do they care more about time? Will they stay with the same weight or attempt to go up? How heavy will they attempt to go up? Are they sacrificing form for a number on the clock or an amount of plates on the bar? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Anyway, my body is completely WRECKED and I’ll admit that I’m happy tomorrow is Christmas and I’ll be forced to not work out. Rest days are important and I can’t stress that enough… and if you’re one of those people that says “rest days are for pussies” “I never take days off” “What’s a rest day?” “I don’t know what to do on a rest day” Well then I’ll have to assume that you just A) Think you’re hot shit and/or a cyborg, B) Are a dumbass, C) Have no clue what the hell you’re talking about or D) all of the above.

On that note, Merry Christmas.



  • Posted on 24. December 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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