Is this glass half empty or is it half full? I’m going to be completely honest, like I always am, and say that today that shit was half empty. Sessions always start off with an olympic lift… and today I started off with snatching. Everything felt heavy, I missed a bunch of times, and it just didn’t feel fluid. I was thinking too much about it and started watching other people in videos do it and tried to change my form, which only made it harder to move weight that SHOULDN’T have felt that heavy. I was swearing and throwing things around and kicking things, which I hate…. it only adds fuel to the fire and makes you more angry. It’s okay to get upset about misses but don’t let yourself lose total control. For those few seconds it will seem like a release but it’ll only make you pissy for the rest of your session.


Sunrise Snatching!

Snatch: 10 sets of doubles at 85%

Press: 1 set x 3 reps at 70%, 1 set x 3 reps at 80%, 1 set x AMRAP at 90%

Back Squat: 1 set x 3 reps at 70%, 1 set x 3 reps at 80%, 1 set x AMRAP at 90%

Bar Muscle ups: Just practiced singles and working on using a more controlled kip. Probably did 10 or so.

Strict Handstand pushups: 3×5

Strict pullups: 3×10

Then I played around with some handstand walks and no-hands clean and jerks. Those things are fun! Not at all very useful or anything, but they do help with coordination. So that’s a plus! And then I did some 1 arm barbell snatches, which I’ve never done before, and those were fun as well! Sometimes you just have to try new things to keep things from getting boring. The monotony lately has been kind of getting me down. When I’m feeling down, I just stuff my face with a Hail Merry Miracle Tart….


So rich, so fudgy, so perfect!



  • Posted on 26. December 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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