This Sunday was HARDLY lazy, but the song is just way too catchy! The Lonely Island guys sure know how to throw a song together…

Last night, when I first read about what the wod would be, I was already nervous. It just seemed like a whole bunch of crap and everytime I see 10 muscle ups at the very end of it all, my shoulders immediately start to ache. However, I surprised myself and, for probably the first time ever, felt IN THE EFFING ZONE! I finished that workout and was like Whoa…. I crushed that! That never happens. And I can’t even describe the feeling! Here is the wod and the weights that I used:


HAVEN LAP (960ish m)

30 Thrusters 75#

30 Toes to bar

Run 400m

20 Thrusters 95#

20 burpees

Run 200m

10 Thrusters 115#

10 Muscle ups (rings)

Ever since doing wods with 125# thrusters, today felt like an absolute breeze. I flew through those thrusters with some gas left in the tank! I despise running, so that always sucks… and the muscle ups were super difficult but I finished them pretty quickly. Missed a bunch of times, but made sure that I was attempting a muscle up every 15 seconds so as not to take forever to get those out of the way. All the weighted pullups I’ve been doing have been a TREMENDOUS help….. I’m now catching the rings higher and don’t have such a deep distance to have to dip out of.

Then I did some snatching…. worked up to a heavy single for the day (which wasn’t all that heavy, considering my shoulders were completely shot), but I felt like my speed and fluidity was on point.

A big topic these days is scaling weight and how much weight people should be using. This seems to be a double edged sword. People who are capable of going heavier often don’t go heavier because they want to be quick and get a ‘good time’. First of all, who gives a crap about the clock. For something like a benchmark wod (such as Helen, Grace, Fran….girl wods), your time is a good indicator of improvement. However, it’s extremely easy for people to become clock whores. They would basically jump over a bleeding family member if it meant shaving few seconds off of their time. If your form completely blows, it kind of defeats the purpose of a “fast” time. On the other end of the spectrum, some people go way heavier than they should and can only squeeze out two or three reps at a time. If this is the case, the weight is just too damn heavy. And that’s not as bad as most make it out to be. Going completely unbroken in everything is too easy, but barely being able to lift the weight you’ve prescribed for yourself is too hard and will not be beneficial in any way. So, what weight do you use? Well, that’s all up to you and is dictated by feel. If you’re someone who is a beginner-ish level and you’re not going RX, you should be finishing around the same time as the ‘big dogs’, or those who do go RX (or heavier). Finishing around the same time shows that there is an even playing field and most people are usingĀ a weight for themselves that is challenging but not impossible.

So there ya have it. There’s a Breaking Bad marathon on for the next 8 hours, so I’ll be watching that while I rumble roll my wrecked body.




  • Posted on 28. December 2013
  • Written by kayla perry
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