Today was a pretty fast day, mostly because I didn’t feel well and my body just wasn’t wanting to move properly. And, being smarter now than I was a few months ago, I actually decided to LISTEN to my body and call it a day… even though I wasn’t quite done.

clean and jerk: These weren’t full cleans. My hips and knees (and entire body) just hurt and ached and dropping down made my eyes water. Jerks were good though. Felt nice and explosive. I stuck with doubles at around 80%.

Then did a little rowing:


Rest 90 seconds, then:

4x400m (Rest 1 minute in between)


Cool down: THE SLOWEST 500M OF MY LIFE 😉

I’m going to start playing around with different ways of rowing. Today actually went pretty well… I was trying to stick with a pace of about 15m per pull. This was pretty good in the beginning but I got tired kind of quickly, which was surprising. Not sure if it’s because my head wasn’t in it today or if it’s an actual endurance issue. Either way, I need to row more.

Not much at all today. Everything I tried to do hurt (squatting and pistols hurt my hips and knees, muscle ups and anything overhead hurt my shoulders). Trying to do a bunch of crap today would have been more hurtful than it was harmful and I’m pretty happy that I decided not to be an idiot. I’ve taken probably 2700% of my daily value for Vitamin C and miraculously I was able to eat a pretty big ass dinner.. so we’ll see how I feel tomorrow. Hopefully then I’ll have a more exciting day to tell you about 😉



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